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I got the feeling that we had already talked and that he or she just continues the conversation from the other day and I must be senile that I can't recognise the person’s face. I was already confused with all those open conversations on the street, trying to figure out if I knew that person or not, then to my despair, they started to converse in a bit more relaxed manner, what I mean is that the Cork-ish accent is much, oh, much stronger.

It wasn't long before the EU-Balkan duo decided to unlock horns.

Social dancing vs performing What are the differences and similarities of skill sets needed for social dancing and performing? If so is there anything we can do to make the scene zero tolerant in its attitude to sexual abuse?

And what have been the effects, if any, of the popularity of performance courses on the social dancing social or in particular individual dancers? I Need a One Dance With the rise of both bachata and kizomba communities and differentiation of styles within them, there have been more and more events specializing in only one dance. How many dancers actually go to a multi room event and dance more than one style? Adris Old Tobacco Factory, cloakroom (next to the festival office), on Friday 30th June starting at h, ENTRANCE: free of charge!

Usually after a polite greeting: How are you, lovely day etc.

they engage in a conversation like we are old friends.