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Pyramid carbon dating

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Backed by experts from other countries like Italy, Russia and Egypt, who unanimously confirmed the existence of the Bosnian pyramids, the attacks of those who spoke out against the project seem to have ceased - Osmanagic said.The hardheaded pyramid researcher got these days yet another important confirmation, whether anyone likes it or not.Jones of Imperial College London, asked the British Museum for a small sample of the iron plate so that they could conduct a full scientific examination.“Trying to understand what happened in human history to lead people to establish this sort of polity we felt was a gap in understanding that needed to be filled.”1 Before the mid-twentieth century, Egyptologists came up with dates for Egyptian unification ranging from 5500 BC to 2000 BC.Since then, the average date assigned has been around 3100 BC.2 Dee’s study fits with this trend.Hill was adamant that the iron plate must be contemporaneous with the construction of the pyramid since he had to blast away two outer tiers of blocks in order to reach it and extract it from a masonry joint near or within the mouth of the southern shaft.Lucas examined the iron plate and, although at first agreed with Mr. Based on further research and excavations, as well as carbon dating and geothermal imaging, Osmanagic discovered that the soil on the pyramids was at least 1.

Critics whom often ferociously attacked the research project in 20 seem completely withdrawn and its almost impossible to hear publicly anyone saying that the Bosnian pyramids are a natural phenomena.Some claim that evidence was manufactured during excavations, most notably the inclusion of carvings inside tunnels that some claim weren’t there during the initial discovery. Some believe that the main excavation of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun actually carved the face of the pyramid to look like the steps of other pyramids, despite the fact that some believe those steps were never there in the first place.In the midst of questions and claims that the Bosnian Pyramids are a hoax, Osmanagic continues to collect evidence, and tourists from around the world flock to the Bosnian pyramids every year.Of course this presumes that they actually meant their words that survive literally and the physical evidence which is consistent with those words is relevant.It's almost humorous that one must make such a disclaimer when the alternative view seems to be "they mustta used ramps".The basic evidence for this comes from carbon dating the mortar used on the Great Pyramid.