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I wrote a comprehensive post a few years ago (God, it’s been that long? When Windows 10 came along, mandatory profiles had been completely and utterly forgotten about, and simply didn’t work.After a while, they got around to fixing this, and I ended up recording a (rather long! Unfortunately this had some issues around UWP apps, in that they seemed not to work very well when using a mandatory profile.Many system and service processes do work on behalf of users.When the work is done the system or service process is responsible for releasing handles it has to the user profile hive.

More information about this option is available from the Account Right MSI installation instructions.After updating the Account Right server, start Account Right on a client and open the company file as usual. Click Update now and follow the on-screen instructions to install the update. If you’re not entitled to install Account Right, you won’t be able to install the update automatically.Contact MYOB on 1300 555 123 (Australia) or 0508 328 283 (New Zealand) to find out how to upgrade or subscribe.During logout the message "Saving your settings" goes on for 60 seconds until the roaming process finally times out. During my research I found that during logout some software running on the PC can keep the user hive in the registry open and block the roaming process to create and copy the NTUSER. I found a great piece of software written by Robin Caron, called User Profile Hive Cleanup service (UPHClean) that totally eliminates my problem.The software runs as a background service and kicks in during logout and makes sure that the registry is closed correctly. Here is some information from the included in the download.In this case password complexity may not meet for the Windows password.